Choosing Magento For Your Store? You Need A Pro Developer

An open source platform for e-commerce, Magento helps store owners with e-commerce tools necessary for their business. Among the many tasks that you could accomplish with this software by the company Varien includes the use of user dashboards, inventory management, supplier management and inventory management. Now, Magento is an Adobe company which of course brings more power into the house because the name Adobe has been around for a while and was the company responsible for bringing a lot of useful software for everybody.

Magento – A Pro Developer
There are two popular Magento platforms namely Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce which has two versions – the on-premises one and the service platform. Magento developer in Singapore is available and easily downloadable.

What is Open Source?
Magento Open Source is of course an eCommerce platform. Using the basic files, developers can even maximize the use of this software by getting plug-ins from other developers. Since its launch in 2007, Magento has been modified several times to give the most basic platform for eCommerce. After being bought by Adobe, it has remained as is.

The Magento Commerce
As a service platform is what the Magento Commerce is all about. This second version became available to users in 2016. This version is not free compared to the Open Source but with the fee comes the added features and other improvements. Designed for larger businesses, this version comes with annual fees.

Partnering Up
There are companies that are very much experienced when it comes to tweaking the Magento website so for anyone who is interested in tweaking it to cater to their needs, these partners are available on Magento’s partner directory. Some of them can provide development services, others may do security. Technology partners are also available – these are companies who help the store owners achieve what they want out of their site from out of the box.