The Benefits Of Starting A Lively HSA


The value of Health Savings Account such as lively cannot be measured in monetary form alone. It is also measured in the flexibility it created for your health coverage. Health Savings Account is uniquely structured in its financial long term benefits that stay with you as you move from one job to another, from one insurance plan to another and all throughout your whole life. But what makes its more impressive are the benefits that you will get by starting a lively HSA.

What are the benefits of starting a lively Health Savings Account?

  1. You will have a tax free money – when paying for a healthcare like your HAS it will mean that you will be saving 25% in the process. Why? This is because you will be getting three times tax benefits starting from your deductible contribution to the tax-free interests and lastly from the tax-free withdrawals which you use for your medical expenses.
  2. Flexibility of saving for today as well as tomorrow – since this is multifaceted, you can add money today and use it in the future while it goes with you even if you leave your employer and have another. Even though you may change your healthcare insurance, you will still be bringing your Health Savings Account.
  3. Signing up takes only 5 minutes
  4. It will act as your safety net – with the uncertainty of your future health you are already covered.
  5. It can also be used for other things – it can even pay for massages and acupuncture but you should have your doctor prescribe that. It can likewise cover you when you are out of job.
  6. At retirement – it will act as a savings on your retirement at the age of 65 years old


If you need more help with HSA decisions you can immediately refer to healthcare benefits expert to assist you in whatever questions and concerns that you may have.