Making The HSA vs PPO Decision: Consider Your Health

When it comes to our health, we always want the best. We only have one life so why not give it our all to ensure that we live longer? Let us face it, in today’s ever-changing world, having a health insurance is pretty much a commodity. Now, the most common argument would be for HSA vs PPO. I can basically give you the difference between the two but it would be easier to site some actual for better understanding.

Consider your health

In making this decision, you should always figure out the kind of medical history that you have. How much care do you need just in case something does happen? Now for starts, HSA is not a medical insurance. As the name suggests, Health Savings Account. Basically, you can think of this as your bank account wherein you are trying to save money for something. In this case, for your health and future medical expenses. If you are a person with a long medical history and seems to get in and out of the hospitals from time to time, this would be a better option for you.

Consider your finances

When we make this decision, another factor that would play a big part would be our finances. We have to make sure that we can afford what we are getting. Basically, this is where the obvious difference between HSA versus PPO exist. Now, PPO or Preferred Provider Organization has lower deductibles but can still give you high premiums. The same reason why it is pretty popular. The only negative I see from it is that you will limited options for providers. In other words, unlike the HSA, you can only go for a selected few. The decision will be up to you. You have to weigh in all the factors and figure out what can you get that would agree with your needs.